Sunday, October 19, 2008

Taza & Ted

Here is Taza our new mare with my cute hubby. We adopted Taza from the Utah animal adoption center in Salt Lake. She has had a pretty rough life with her first owner dying of cancer and her second owner got lupus and was unable to take care of her. She almost died in child birth too.. Poor girl.. She use to be a lesson horse up here at USU so she is totally broke and we are happy to bring her back to her roots!! Our family is really excited to nurse her back to good health and love her.. Tia is really excited to have a sweet horse, that behaves to take to 4-H!! She was so cute when we brought her home...To the stables. She sniffed out everything.. You could tell she was scared to death.. She would only take little tiny steps like she was sure something was going to jump out and get her..

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Terry Talbot said...

That horse looks like Daisy. Are you sure they aren't related? I'm a little worried about the horses owners though. Love you