Monday, November 17, 2008

Christmas Cards

Here is one of the Christmas Cards I made last year. I had to mail out a few of them and the Post Office charged me .68 cents to mail each one. I asked the lady what the difference was and she told me that little tiny bump where the jute was tied made it so it wouldn't go through the machine so they would have to hand sort them unless I wanted them folded in half. Yep I want all my Christmas cards delivered folded in half.. Geeez. This year I am going to try and make some adjustments so it doesn't cost a fortune to mail them out. I was alot more prepared for Christmas last year.. I must get busy & make new ones for this year..


brenda said...

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kristen said...

I had some with jute last year and they didn't charge me extra. My sister sent some out that were square and they charged her extra for that. They said it doesn't matter what size, as long as it is square it is extra. By the way, love your blog.