Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Party is Over!!

Yea! The party is over! Everyone had a really fun time!! The Food was awesome thanks to Mom and Jim. The Kids (and adults) enjoyed singing Karaoke and doing the cat walk. Tiffany's Dad even got out and danced with the kids...He even showed them some breakdancing moves... That scared me I thought he was going to break a hip or something.. Hehe Everyone really enjoyed the picture video I made of the last 16 years of Tiffany and there were even a few tears shed.. My Aunt did a really great job doing games & keeping everyone entertained! Here is some of the table decorations I made. More to come..


Letti said...

Do you have a vinyl business? I love all of the western themed signs. I can't wait to see more pictures.

Stefanee said...

No vinyl business.. I bought a vinyl machine but I'm not creative enough to do much with it..Thanks for the nice comment!

Terry Talbot said...

Not creative, oh ya. You are the most creative person that I know, and LOVE