Sunday, December 7, 2008

Snowman Keep Frozen...

Melted Snowman Ornament
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This is one of my favorite Ornaments on my tree. These are so easy to make.
Clear Glass Ornament
Ribbon (To hang Ornament)
Toothpicks (Painted orange & break in half)
Fabric Scraps (cut into tiny scarfs)
Black beads (For Eyes)
little twigs (For Arms)
Glitter (For a little sparkle)
Take top off ornament, set aside. Mix envirotex per instructions on bottle. Pour Envirotex in ornament & set back in box. Put a dash of glitter and all the little items inside and let dry overnight. Put lid back on & make a tag that says "Snowman, Keep Frozen. Do not Thaw!" Then tie ribbon for hanger.


Letti said...

Very clever and so cute. What is envirotex?

Stef said...

It's a plastic epoxy in liquid form that hardens as it drys. You can buy it at Michaels crafts.

Jen @ Mommay's Mayhem said...

that is such a great idea. I'm sure I won't remember it for next year! lol

Party in a Box! said...

do you fill the glass ornament completely with the envirotex and add the snowman stuff to look like it is floating or is the envirotex a coating for the inside of the ornament....very cute idea!

Stef said...

Just about an inch of envirotex in the bottom & try not to get it on the sides of the glass..YOU CAN USE A Little funnel. You can also put a little glitter to make it sparkly too.

seeland said...

Looking at the ornament, it looks like the eyes and carrot nose may be glued to something. Is this the case? I will be making these as gifts for X-mas 09. Thanks for your help. Tammy

Stef said...

They just harden into the epoxy. No glue needed.

Michelle said...

Hilarious! I am so totally doing this. LOL