Friday, January 30, 2009

Joy Living the Life you Love

My first Vinyl Tile. I was surprised how easy they are to make and I think they turn out very classy looking. I bought the floor tile at Home Depot for a few dollars and the easel from Hobby Lobby for $3.00. Here are some instructions I found on

1-Lay your tile piece on the table or on a flat, hard, even surface where you can work on your craft.
2-Gently clean off any dust or residue on the tile with a clean, lint-free cloth. If you have to use a damp cloth, then make sure you dry off the tile before attempting to apply the vinyl letters.
3-In order to get your letters evenly placed, it is a good idea to pre-measure the location of the lettering with a level ruler and mark the position with a pencil.
4-Place your sheet of vinyl letters on the flat, hard work surface and rub over the letters with the edge of the plastic spatula. Rub over the entire message or word so that the letters adhere to the sticky transfer sheet.
5-Remove the white backing so you are left with the letters on your transfer tape. Keep the sheet in an upright position so that the sticky tape does not touch anything.
6-Lightly position your sticky tape on your tile and place it in the desired area. Once it sticks it is stuck so make sure you are placing it in the right place. Pay attention to your pencil markings.
7-Rub over the lettering once again with your plastic spatula. Press down on each letter individually to make sure the letters are transferring onto the tile surface.
8-Gently peel away your transfer tape while paying close attention to make sure the letters are sticking to the tile. If you have some letters that are not transferring correctly then stop peeling, place the tape back over the letter and rub it again with the spatula until it releases from the tape.
9-Once your letters have been transferred onto the tile then you can proudly display it in your home using a metal easel or by hanging it on the wall.


laurie said...

How did you do it? It turned out great!

KJ said...

I just have to tell you as I was surfing the blogs I came upon yours. I read about the Raggedy Robins. I didn't have any rolled oats but being the junk food junkie that I am I thought I would improvise. (I used some Cream of Wheat and Fiber One cereal that I crushed up a bit)

I am sure they are grainier than they are suppose to be and other than the fact that they look like my cat's hairballs they are great!!! I will have no problem finishing them IF my family decides not to eat them based on the above look and taste. :o)

Staci said...

Hi my name is Staci- I came across your blog a few weeks ago. I have been checking back here and there. I wanted to make a comment on the tiles. I went to a local mom and pop tile store and asked if they had any free remnants and of course they said YES. Go for it doesn't hurt to ask. Great gift ideas too! Garage sales this summer might have some free remnants too...I'd ask too. You could call the store ahead and ask. Take care.

Misty said...

Hi my name is Misty. I was wondering where you get the stickers from?

Thanks, Misty

Stef said...

Laurie- I posted some instructions for you.
KJ-I'm not sure about the fiber one & the Cream of Wheat cereal:) So I'll just trust you on that one..Way too be creative tho.
Staci-Great Idea on the Tiles. I'll be on the lookout for more!
Misti-I have my own Vinyl Machine so I just cut them out but you can just google vinyl lettering and there is a ton of websites that sell the vinyl.. You can even try ebay as well.
Thanks for all the comments!