Tuesday, March 1, 2011

An Award for me ;)

I was awarded this Stylish Blogger award from Vickie at greeneyedgirlcrafts. She has such a cute blog with so many great ideas!! I am so flattered that it was passed along to me. Thanks Vickie for thinking of me. I did however have a hard time coming up with 7 Random things about me ;) Lame I know... I don't collect anything....I don't have a shopping obsession... ie, shoes, purses, clothes... Really all I do is take care of my Family & Craft ;) So here it goes... It's the best I could do....

1. I have been married to the most wonderful man for 18 yrs.. We have 3 awesome kids.. ages 18, 15 & 1! Yes I said 1. lol We adopted the sweetest little man last year in hopes that we could provide him a better life ;) and in fact He has provided a better life for us.. If the teens are grumpy he always puts them in a better mood. He's always making us laugh and has bonded our family even tighter..
2. My childhood nickname is "Tuffy" and alot of people still call me that. I received this cool name after I beat  up a boy in elementary school (not to bad) and chucked him over the fence.. lol Yep I was a bad girl but I was standing up for my little brother & the kid deserved it lol.
3. I have the weirdest random dreams... Every night.. My most memorable one is.... I picked my nose & pulled out an orange goldfish.. lol Didn't you want to know that??
4. I hate to cook. For the first time in 18 years I have started cooking every night. I plan a menu & actually follow it very closely now. I can't believe how easy it is to grocery shop with a list and actually have enough food for the week & food for 7 meals.
5. I love to pick on my kids... I was always picked on growing up by my Dad & Grandpa so why wouldn't I hand that down to my sweet kids.. My motto in our house is.... "If it's funny your not in trouble."
6. I don't really like animals...except MY puppy;) But for some reason we have 2 Horses, 2 Goats, 2 Dogs, 3 Cats and a billion little fish that are multiplying like rabbits :) All outside animals except MY puppy & of course the fish..
7. When I started this blog I didn't give anyone my blog address.. In fact it was about a year after I started it that I gave anyone the link. I didn't think anyone would actually read it.. Now I have alot of great blogger friends & love seeing all the awesome projects everyone posts!!

I am going to nominate all the peeps on my sidebar ;) and chances are I won't have time to contact each one (remember the 1 yr old lol) So I can't promise anything ;) So If you read my Blog I'm passing this award along to you.

The terms for accepting the award are:

1-) Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award...
2-) Share 7 things about yourself...
3-) Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers... and
4-) Contact the blogger and tell them about the award...

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