Friday, May 13, 2011

Bracelets for Craft Hope

While surfing the web for craft ideas I found a website called Craft Hope. Here is a little bit of what it's all about. (Taken from their website)
Craft Hope is a love inspired project designed to share handmade crafts with those who need them.  It is our hope to combine our love for crafting and desire to help others into a project to make a difference around the world.

For Project 12, we are partnering with Orphan Outreach and sending them with a little love to take to Russia. This time we will be making bracelets for them to pass out to kids. Bracelets are a huge hit with kids of all ages — hemp bracelets or beaded bracelets. They are going on a trip in August and have asked us to collect bracelets for them.
So here are my 25 bracelets that I'm sending out! They are made from silicone bracelets & I wrapped them in fabric!


Kelli said...


I just wanted to let you know I awarded you the versatile blog award. Congratulations! To accept just go and check out what you have to do here

make sure to have a look around while you are there and don't hesitate to say hi

Vicki ~ The Green Eyed Girl said...

What an awesome idea! I love the colors...they are beautiful!

Connie said...

What a wonderful idea to help out orphan children. Yours turned out so cute.

Wendy@Craft Goodies said...

You are so great to take part in such a fantastic organization! Your bracelets are adorable, thanks so much for linking them and the Craft Hope info.