Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tia's going to her school Homecoming Dance..

Well last week Tia decided she wanted to go to the Homecoming Dance at her school... She decided she wanted to ask a "Guy" friend that goes to another High School. Of course her Crafty Mom jumped into action. As everyone knows Tia is a Cowgirl and her "Guy" friend is a Cowboy so We had to think of a fitting way for her to ask him to go with her.... I know really the guys suppose to ask the girl right? Well welcome to 2008.. Times have changed!! So here it is, a John Deere Tractor with a Loader trailer filled with Cinnabuns... The tag reads "I'd like to Haul your Buns to the Homecoming Dance with me" Silly Huh? It was so dang cute.

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