Sunday, September 21, 2008

We found a Dress!! and Shoes!

After an agonizing week of Dress shopping Tia finally found a dress she likes!! Yea! We went to every shop from here to Ogden....Then I gave in and let Ted take her to the rudest little dress shop in Logan. (Bad experience last year... We special ordered a dress and went to pick it up and the OWNER started screaming at us saying we had never ordered anything and she threw her chips on her desk and said she didn't have time to look through orders she was too busy, She didn't even get lunch... Then called a week later that she found the order and the dress...Yea the day before we needed it.. I politley told her I'd never spend another dime in her shop again...Yes I hold grudges, so I agreed to let Ted take her. (What a good Dad)..They found a beautiful dress.. a few sizes to big.. (Thats where the alterations come in... ) That was $221.00 I really didn't want to support a business owner with no customer service or cooth... O.K. I'm over it...) It was painful...But I did learn one thing. I am really glad Tia is Modest cause they really sell some skanky prom dresses. I couldn't imagine letting her out of the house in 99% of the dresses we found in the juniors department.. Sad..Just Sad. We've already dropped her dress off at the alterations place.. Another $50-$60 bucks and that dress should be good to go... Ted and I have decided we better start saving for her Wedding...We figure we have about 15 years till then...

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