Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Best Valentines Day Ever!!

The Best Valentines Day Gift ever! Ted went to Beadles and made me this BEAUTIFUL bracelet and earring set all by himself! He said when he went in to the bead store that there was about a dozen women in there and they all said that their Husbands would never do anything like that for them. So He's definitely a keeper (which I already knew). He was so proud of himself and even had his receipt of $9.95. He said he came up with this idea all on his own. He tried to get his Physical Therapist to help him come up with something. He totally made my day!
Yummy Cookies! (Recipe Below)

Candy Bouquet for Ted

I gathered some supplies and since Ted is trying to GAIN weight.. I opted to add some calories to his 4000 calories per day plan. This is what I came up with.. A Candy Bouquet. I also made him his favorite Ginger Snap Cookies and was even able to hide all the evidence of fresh baked cookies before he arrived home.. Ted loved his gift I made him and thought it was pretty inventive.


Tara said...

Pretty impressive! Tell yer hubby he has set the bar HIGH for other husbands! Tee, hee!

Terry Talbot said...

Happy Valentines Day to both of you. Love you Mom

laurie said...

What great gifts to each other...I like how you both put so much thought into it and came up with such good ideas!